Thursday, March 10, 2011

Judge expands ruling that bans guns in Capital Area District Library | Lansing State Journal |

Michigan makes nationwide library headlines, unfortunately it's due to the initiatives of firearm extremists. Lansing's Capital Area District Library enacted a policy that banned people from openly carrying firearms into the library. Not from lawfully carrying concealed weapons, but openly and outwardly carrying guns into the library. In the resulting Ingham County Circuit Court case, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina upheld and expanded a previous ruling that disallowed anyone from openly carrying firearms onto library property. But, curiously, the city of Lansing seems to have evolved into a mid-19th century cowboy frontier, as Judge Aquilina was quoted as saying
"I wish I could say that you could all carry weapons wherever you wanted, but I can't say that."
In support of that notion, a representative of Michigan Open Carry claimed
"It's gun control at its worst," said Rob Harris, vice president of Michigan Open Carry, a statewide organization. "At this point we have no choice but to contact our legislators."
This, despite the fact that a person was openly carrying a shotgun in the library.

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