Monday, September 27, 2010

Obama: D.C. schools don't measure up to his daughters' private school

On NBC's special Education Nation segment airing on this morning's Today Show, the President said that his two daughters, who attend the private Sidwell Friends School, would not receive the same education if they attended the District of Columbia public schools. The article paraphrases Obama as saying
'that many teachers unions are making efforts to improve schools through innovation but that sometimes they favor the status quo.'
But, it's been my experience that the umbrella phrases 'teaching reform' or 'education reform' are aimed at eroding teaching unions themselves. And further, it's not the objective of teaching unions to protect incapable teachers, just the bargaining rights of its members, and the processes involved in their evaluation. It is the job, though, of capable principals to follow the necessary steps to improve teaching performance, or change out the teachers. The teaching unions need to re-frame the national educational reform arguments away from 'status quo' or 'tenure' and back to effective leadership.

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