Saturday, July 17, 2010

U.S. public libraries: We lose them at our peril -

A tremendously illustrative paean for libraries and library services from a prominent author and news outlet, this time with the angle that library services and librarians -- and even libraries themselves -- are cut not because they perform poorly. Author Marilyn Johnson further ponders
"We won't miss a third of our librarians and branch libraries the way we'd miss a third of our firefighters and firehouses, the rationale goes … but I wonder."
and concludes with
"Those in cities that haven't preserved their libraries, those less fortunate and baffled by technology, and our children will be the first to suffer. But sooner or later, we'll all feel the loss as one of the most effective levelers of privilege and avenues of reinvention — one of the great engines of democracy — begins to disappear."

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