Monday, May 17, 2010

Alan November Presentation

Alan November Presentation Notes
May 11, 2010

A. Information v Technology
  1. Technology unimportant, disband tech committees.
  2. Information and relationships: All groups (student, teacher, administrator) need right information at the right time to be successful.

B. Homework
  1. Outdated model, where feedback -- right or wrong -- is delayed.
  2. In the place of traditional homework, 'find the sine curve anywhere in the world.' Example: The curves in a curtain.

C. Goals
  1. Investment strategy for technology:
    • Immediate feedback for students: Omit homework.
    • Immediate feedback for teachers: Use clickers to elicit understanding; teachers should check student's notes every day; students as class scribe for entire class note taking.

D. Other Thoughts
  1. All education is social.
  2. Harkness/Socratic Table model.
  3. All teacher content should be available at all times, anywhere: All presentations should be recorded.
    • Eric Mazur @ Harvard delivers lectures via webcast, then records the class interactions for all to later digest.
  4. Educational leaders need to model integrated technology:
    • Meeting agendas as collaborative Google Docs
    • Principal/Superintendent podcasts

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