Saturday, April 17, 2010

A nice show of collegial support

The teachers of Batavia salute their school library employees as "integral" during National Library Month. The nation's school library employees need more of this support from their own colleagues, and from their elected officials.

Letter: Teachers salute school librarians

Friday, April 16, 2010 10:11 AM EDT

April is recognized as National Library Month. The Batavia Teachers’ Association wishes to recognize and thank our school library media specialists and clerks. These people are integral to the effectiveness of a well-run school district.

Our school library media specialists collaborate with faculty on multi-disciplinary teaching units and in purchasing print and non-print materials. They participate in training to keep ahead of any new technology offerings. They then train and support our staff members and students to learn the new technology inherent in the application of such systems. They have to troubleshoot problems and are ready with backup plans for when the system is being upgraded or when there is an electrical outage. These professionals are able to put their finger on needed material at a moment’s notice. They provide guidance and support with a wide variety of age and ability levels for Batavia learners. They store all of our needs/wishes/requests and get back to each person as soon as possible. This is a monumental task with no predictability from day to day.

This month, please join us in thanking these talented, dedicated people in our schools.

The Batavia Teachers’ Association

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