Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mom says book 'too offensive for library shelves'

The Nampa Public Library in Nampa Idaho is suffering fools, this time in the name of Shelly Gering. Ms. Gering has concluded that, despite not actually residing in Nampa, she would like to decide what all other Nampa residents cannot and should not read, and has whined to the local media about Adam Selzer's book How to Get Suspended and Influence People. Actually, Selzer himself has a notable censorship commentary involving his and other books, and libraries. Click for the video news footage.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

University of Illinois admissions follow up

The power and reach of my blog is complete: I've taken down a corrupt college chancellor. Recall that the University of Illinois administrative hierarchy was allowing students admission into school due to the influence of their acquaintances/friends/family, despite their lack of admittable qualities. Read more about it here.

Monday, October 05, 2009

The enduring power and allure of books

Good work, Gabe Levinson, I celebrate how you revised and extended the theory of the bookmobile. And, do pardon my cynicism, but of the books that publishers willingly donated, what was the percentage that were remaindered?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Banned Books Week: Still Needed in the U.S.

As we conclude Banned Books Week we still see support for this important campaign thanks to the Huffington Post and the National Coalition Against Censorship's Executive Director Joan Bertin. Certainly, the Christian Civil Liberties Union

-- a suspect organization, as I'm failing to locate any information on it -- is attempting to impose its pro-Christian agenda on what is supposed to be a religion-neutral public library by seeking a sizable civil monetary award and the actual burning of the challenged books. Thankfully, due to the work of librarians as first amendment warriors and library boards that operate with a sense of balance, there was a rational outcome. (For local insight into the West Bend library histrionics, check this local blog and website.) Thankfully as well, the GLHS Library, and the libraries of the rest of GLPS, haven't had a challenge in quite some time, and the Grand Ledge community seems to be more tolerant and informed.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Detroit Bribes Students to Boost School Attendance

It's likely rare that I would post a news item -- much less, read one -- from an organization like Fox News, but this was a notable feed in my iGoogle page. To encourage attendance on count day...
Students in Detroit were treated to free meals, ice-cream parties, T-shirts, celebrity visits and a chance to win iPods and a plasma-screen TV — just for showing up for class.
Makes one yearn to be re-enrolled in school.

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