Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Mac library computers

In the last year, the Grand Ledge Public Schools decided to maintain a singular operating system environment, yet transition from Windows to the Mac OS. While the faculty all received new MacBooks last November, the library only began to receive its new computers this week, and they are eye-catching -- 24 inch monitors! -- to all who visit, prompting numerous positive comments. The new machines may also be a coup for Apple itself, as these iMacs are attracting potential buyers: I've had a couple colleagues ask me about pricing information, one is close to buying, one is in the consideration stage.

Now, we simply need to transition from our antiquated library automation program, to our new system to fully utilize our new computers.

Posted by ShoZu

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Future of Reading - In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update - Series -

A great article, from the reputable New York Times, demonstrating the continuing need for information literacists. All of us library folk love the 'Aha' moment described in the opening paragraph, mine usually occur under similar circumstances, like a lesson on using electronic databases.

Unfortunately, some of the follow up letters to the article demonstrate that the notion of librarianship still needs some advocacy in the direction of decision makers.