Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New trend in book banning and censorship

This most recent incident of a patron refusing to return a book in Oregon got me wondering about contemporary censorship patterns. Is there some type of book banning playbook or manual that censors are circulating amongst themselves and operating from, as this type of event has already occurred down in Georgia.

But, it now appears there's been an about face, as the avowed book burner claims the offending work, Book of Bunny Suicides, will be returned to the Central Linn High School Library. While this is positive news, it does not appear to be a revocation of the book challenge, and the regular, hard working folks of Central Linn School District will need to take time out of their days to consider the (de)merits of Ms. Taffey Anderson's request.


  1. I had a teacher when I was at Waverly who took a book and would not return it. She is Muslim and the book had a picture depicting their religion. No images are allowed to be shown so it was offensive to her. She returned it several years later and said the information was more valuable than worrying about the picture. Some kids started a trend bringing in their own "bibles" like Jehovah Witnesses and the Koran. With Global Studies these became very valuable for research. There were some teachers/students who were very offended that I allowed the different books. But in not allowing it, I was also offending people. I thought it was kind of cool that the kids wanted to donate the books.

  2. While I'm thrilled that my post has inspired outside comment, I, of course, wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Kleinman. Ironically, the settings on this blog called for me to authorize all posted comments, which I readily did, an exercise in our First Amendment rights.

  3. Disagree with me? All I said was, "You may be interested in this." And why is my saying that "ironic"?