Sunday, May 04, 2008

First BER assignment

My first trip for business where I am flown, and it hasn't been terribly inconvenient so far. Post-September 11 TSA requirements dictate a time further in advance for arrival at the airport, and the only surprise for me this morning was the request to remove my belt. It takes a little while to put your bag back in order, considering the laptop in one box, shoes in another, phone, belt, and jacket, and your clear, zip-lock 1 quart bag filled with toothpaste and deodorant.

For the short jaunt to Detroit, the young woman next to me was crying when I joined her in row 6, sadly, and for the rest of our time on the plane as well. Of course, one would like to offer condolences, but my inability to invade her privacy was more powerful.

Another observation in airports, Lansing, Detroit, and otherwise: the laptop users busily tap tapping over their machines are overwhelmingly Macintosh users, surprisingly. These anecdotal numbers do not jibe with the conventional wisdom that the PC market dominates Macs in market share by a margin of 95% to 5%, and is certainly encouraging for those interested in common sense computing.

A whiplash $15 cab ride to the hotel, a mediocre iceberg salad lunch, then back to the room to work. A delightful aside: Tiffani Skyped me, and I was able to see and talk to her and the kids before they departed for a bike ride. Ooof, I'm missing out on family fun and time with the kids.

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