Thursday, May 08, 2008

BER Assignment #2

Monday's lecture in Rochester went well, considering the room volleyed between 85 and 55 degrees in the first fifteen minutes. The turnout was 6, with 7 registered. Regardless, the attendees were enthusiastic, and working in the same facility in which you are residing is advantageous: I requested a late check out, and was able to duck up to my room for lunch to relax.

Tuesday's event was much better attended, and perhaps, much better performed; we had 43 participants. In the afternoon, there was a loud party next door, sponsored by Proctor & Gamble, complete with well-broadcasted Fifties music and, exasperatingly, an open bar. I was forced to compete with the noise, and maintain the attendees attention.

Another interesting ride on this day, Jack from Jack's Transportation Service, and his economic, political, and sports tirades. Jack's rants were great for their conspiracy theories, and because I didn't disagree with his political foils. If you need a ride in the greater Cincinnati area, do give Jack a call @ 513-673-3202.

Thankfully, I avoided trouble in my travels because I didn't build any wide stances.

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