Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BER #3: Manchester NH

The trip east was somewhat more eventful on this occasion, considering my continuously failing the metal detector at the airport, and the bouncy weather the plane enjoyed on the initial leg. With the TSA folks, I tried to be as cooperative as possible, so as to not end up detained in Guantanamo. I was craftier this trip, or thriftier, as I telephoned ahead for a shuttle to the surprisingly nice hotel, in lieu of a taxi. After checking in at the front desk and with Tiff at home, some work and golf watching, it was time for a walk and talk with mom for mother's day and dinner. What gives with no sidewalks in Manchester? Quite the trek in the dark on the return.

After meeting with my BER mentor last week before and over an indulgent dinner, taking several pages of notes on his suggestions, I felt like I well de-emphasized aspects of my chat that he felt were less important, and I attempted to be more in-depth with others that he liked to make up the lost time.

Today's facility was terrific, designed perfectly for events like these. The tally totalled 25 attendees, and the conference room had ample seating for perhaps a dozen more. I worked from a tricked out lectern, housing my laptop, integrating with my audio and visuals and controlling every aspect of the room from a touchscreen. There was a rich, integrated sound system, and 4 ceiling-mounted data projectors with paired screens -- which allowed me to roam the room, but not force me to look back at the screen behind me. Not a detail was overlooked in the design of the room, or for the day's event, and lunch was even included for the 2 BER employees.

An aside: I enjoy being out east and hearing the accent, but no one is good as this fella.

An additional aside: The folks in New Hampshire must be shy, as the urinals in the restrooms at the conference center had their own stalls and latching doors. Quite the private lot, they must be.

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